Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Panama City ARC Spring Tailgate May 5th

The Panama City Amateur Radio Club is sponsoring a tailgate on Saturday, May 5th  9 AM until 1 PM.

  • Panama City Amateur Radio Club, 130 N. Church Ave Panama City, FL
  • Talk-in repeater is W4RYZ 145.210 negative offset 100 Hz tone.
  • Parking is in the field behind the clubhouse.
  • Buy, sell or swap ham radio gear.
  • Limited tables in the clubhouse on a first come first serve basis.  
  • Pulled pork will be available.  If you like, bring a side dish or dessert.
  • License testing will be at 1 PM. Bring $14, picture ID and a copy of license if upgrading. 
  • Questions about this event can be sent to panamacityarc@gmail.com.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Portable Operating Opportunities in April

The April weather in Northwest Florida is usually pretty good. Take advantage of the weather by operating amateur radio outdoors. Several events are coming up. 

RaDAR Challenge - April 7th  See the rules at http://radarops.co.za/index.php/radar-rules/

Florida State Parks On The Air Contest - April 7 & 8. See the rules at http://flspota.org/rules/

QRP To The Field (QTTF) - April 21st See the rules at http://www.zianet.com/qrp/qrpttf/2018/ttf.htm

Operating in our State Parks would be covered under Parks On The Air (POTA). See https://parksontheair.com/

Portable operating venues in driving distance from Panama City are covered in the Panama City Area Portable Activators Guide - See http://portableactivatorsguide.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Nets of Interest

The Panama City ARC Two Meter Net is on the W4RYZ 145.210 Repeater each Monday at 7PM.

The Northern Florida Phone Net (NFPN) meets seven evenings a week on about 3950 kHz at 1930 Eastern Time (1830 Central), the year round, LSB as a regular part of ARRL's National Traffic System. Its primary purpose is to handle routine message traffic and to train net members and net control operators in message handling and net procedures.

The North Florida ARES Net that meets Wednesday 8 AM local time on the hotspot. Use the quick key method to check in as directed by the NCS. The KK4IQW hotspot is available to everyone with D-Star capability. The hot spot allows you to connect to reflectors and repeaters via the internet. Please use it and enjoy. FREQUENCY:144.9050 MHz CALL SIGN: KK4IQW

The North Florida  6M AM Net meets Sunday at 7:00 pm CST/8:00 pm EST on 50.400 MHZ from Marianna, Florida. I am on a directional antenna so please be patient, and I will get around to your direction. I start out East and work counter clockwise. We are adding the opportunity to check-in via Echo-Link for those that sometimes can't hear net control due to band conditions. The number is 438183. This is the W4BKD repeater in Marianna. K4KHV will be listening for anyone wishing to check-in during the net tonight. W4ICU Alec

The South Coast Amateur Radio Service, popularly known as "South-Cars", or "SCARS" is a service net, (recognized by the ARRL), whose purpose is to assist those seeking to contact other amateur radio stations, or areas; to provide weather and travel information when needed and when available; to assist in emergencies. All amateur radio stations with a general class license or above are welcome. We do not handle formal traffic, but can and will in the event of an emergency. South-Cars is in operation every day of the year. Net times are 8 AM until 1 PM, all times are Eastern. Net operations are conducted on 7.251mhz (40 meters).

14.300 MHz has become a very well known frequency in the Amateur Radio world. There are three major nets in the Western Hemisphere that operate on 14.300 MHz. From early morning until late evening the frequency is busy with traffic of one form or another. Begining at 0700 ET daily, The Intercon Net, formally know as The Intercontinental Amateur Traffic Net, starts out the day. Intercon runs until 1200 ET before handing the frequency over to The Maritime Mobile Service Network. The MMSN, which also runs daily, operates from 1200 ET until 9 PM EST / 10 PM EDT or 0200 UTC. After The MMSN raps up The Pacific Seafarers Net begins operation at 10 PM EST / 11PM EDT or 0300 UTC and runs various lengths of time, depending on traffic load, but usually about 2 hours or less.