Bay County Repeaters:

Call Freq Offset Tone Mode Sponsor Note Status
W4RYZ; 145.210  Minus  100 FM/Fusion  PCARC 100 Hz tone also on output  On
AC4QB 145.330  Minus  100 FM  AC4QB  On
KF4JMM 145.075  Plus  None FM  KF4JMM  ?
KF4JMM; 146.745  Minus  100 FM  KF4JMM  ?
KE4FD 146.940  Minus FM/Fusion  K4LIX 100 Hz tone also on output  Off for now
KK4TAD 146.880  Minus DV-DSTAR  BCECOMM  Off for now
KK4TAD 444.850  Plus DV-DSTAR  BCECOMM  Off for now
KF4JMM 444.825  Plus  103.5 FM  KF4JMM  ?
AC4QB 53.050  Minus  None FM  AC4QB  ?
KK4IQW 144.905 DV-DSTAR  K4KGXV  Hotspot  Off till March 2019

WIRES-X Node: 146.595 (details below)  Off the air due to Hurricane Michael damage

DSTAR Hotspot: 144.905 (details below) Off the air due to Hurricane Michael damage. Expected back in March 2019.

Bay County Simplex: 146.565


Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) operates in the Bay County Area on 144.390 FM. See this map for reports.  There is information on APRS at and this site.


Here are some notes about DSTAR in Bay County which includes the KK4IQW Hotspot and the KK4TAD repeater.

The KK4IQW hot spot is available to everyone with D-Star capability.  The
hot spot allows you to connect to reflectors and repeaters via the internet.
Please use it and enjoy.

FREQUENCY:       144.9050 MHz


DSTAR Users use your call in "mycall" and "KK4IQW C"/"KK4IQW G" in rpt1/rpt2. Note DSTAR Users must be registered to properly use the gateway.

Remember conversations on the hot spot are heard on any connected reflector
or repeater.  It is ok to disconnect the hot spot if you are having a
lengthy qso on 144.905.

All station antennas (vhf/uhf and hf) are disconnected while we are gone for
a long time and thunderstorms are forecast during our absence.  Also they
are disconnected when storms are currently in the local area. Otherwise, the
hot spot should be operating 24/7.

The is a North Florida ARES Net that meets Wednesday 8 AM local time on the hotspot. Use the quick key method to check in as directed by the NCS.

The KK4TAD Repeater is operational for local use but is not hooked to the internet at this time

146.8800  KK4TAD C node

444.8500  KK4TAD B node

DSTAR Users use your call in "mycall" and "KK4TAD B"/"KK4TAD G" in rpt1/rpt2 for 146.880.and your call in "mycall" and "KK4TAD C"/"KK4TAD G" in rpt1/rpt2 for 444.8500.

Questions can be directed to 

Victor B. Johnson, Jr., K4GXV